Ada Reflections

Pre-Camp Reflections

1) What interests you about this project?

The fact that I will be able to further understand electronics as I have been playing with them ever since I received my first electrical kit.

2) What do you want to learn by doing this project?

I would like to learn more about the logic behing electricity and electronics.

3) What questions do you have about this project?

Will the fundamental principles of this subject be easy to understand?

4) What do you personally want to have achieved by the end of this project?

I would like to be able to understand what the different electrical components do.

Plenary Sessions
Session by Prof Kerry Sieh(earthquake research) :
We can find out the frequency of earthquakes  by examining the layers of the soil in caves.  The layers which are separated by bat guano indicate times when earthquakes happen and the frequency is found out by the length between each layer of bat guano. The closer the layers, the higher the frequency of earthquakes within the period of time. Carbon-dating can also be used to find out when the earthquakes happened. 

IT for Animation by Prof Seah Hock Soon:
Animation is separated into 2D, 3D or stop-motion. 2D animation is much more expensive then 3D animation as 2D animation requires more skill and time which costs more money as compared to 3D animation which is more software-based and does not require as many workers. Maths is involved in animation as Geometry is used for modeling, Algebra and Calculus to know how to position the lights(ambient and directional) and the different shadow effects and Physics which is used in the design of special effects as designers need to know about the dynamics of air,water,fabric,impacts,etc.

Innovative Breakthroughs in Nano-science and Nano-tech by Prof Ma Jan:
Nano-tech is being used in experimental cosmetics and health-care products which has not been certified as safe as Nano-tech has been greatly explored and unknown effects may happen such as an unconfirmed study of Nano-tech products causing cancer. Nano-tech is also used on military equipment such as modern day uniforms(SAF’s pixelated uniform which is coated with Nano bots to help prevent the body heat of the soldier’s from being detected or the special Nano-paint on stealth bombers which is heat resistant so as to prevent the jet from burning due to air-friction and is also able to redirect radio-waves so as to make the bomber ‘invisible’ to radars. Nano-tech is also used to make Carbon Nano Tubes which are similar to spiderwebs which are stronger yet lighter then steel(weight:strength) which makes spiderwebs the strongest material on earth. Nano-tech can also make people invisible to others as they are being developed as Nano-bots which are painted onto clothing or armor which can bend light around the object the Nano-bots are painted on rendering them invisible.

Earthquake research: As geographers, do you guys specialize in researching on man-made disasters such as the Chernobyl disaster?
Nano-tech research: Are the Carbon Nano Tubes flexible and if so, are they able to be made into shirts,etc.?

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