Tan Yu Tao Reflections

Pre-Camp Reflections

What interest you about this project?

I started being interested in electronics when I was young, my brother had a toy that had electronics in it that was in a transparent ball, so you can see the circuitry inside it. From then on I was always fascinated on how electronics worked and the science behind each machine

. What do you want to learn by doing this project?

I want to learn more on how to assemble these machines and how each part functions, as well as to see how these machines can impact our society and help it.

. What questions do you have about this project?

Does the project require any programming of the machine to enable it to function or is it all pre programmed to accomplish its tasks?

. What do you personally want to achieve by the end of this project?

I personally want to have the satisfactory feeling that I built something electronic by using my own hands instead of using pre made pieces that fit together and work. I also want to learn more on electronics and hopefully after this project have the confidence to construct my own machines.

Plenary Session Reflections
NTU Flagship Program
My key learning points from each session
1 PLenary session by Prof Kerry Sieh
It is focused on the earthquakes that occurred in Sumatra and they have spent years to study and setup the equipment used to research on the earthquake.
They have found out that there is a cycle that occurs in these earthquakes that take centuries to go through a cycle, this can be seen by the layers in the ground which are brought in by the tsunami’s that are caused by these earthquakes. Sometimes they are able to radio carbon date the bat guano found in caves that help in the research of when these earthquakes occur. 
Sometimes when these earthquakes occur and when there is a tsunami, the islands near the islands sometime shrink in size and get smaller but afterwards they resurface and this happens every few centuries and is part of the cycle.
2 Plenary session by Prof Seah Hock Soon
The points are that there are three types of animation, 2 dimensional animation, 3 dimensional animation and stop motion.
Animation is a very tedious process and most of the time a viewer remembers the animation for the story and does not really care about the graphics that is put into the animation.
2 dimensional animation is the most time consuming and the most hard to do, as it requires many processes that is put together into one animation scene. There is currently programs that help speed up this process but is not completed yet.
3 dimensional animation is mostly done on the computer and is easier to do but is almost as tedious as 2 dimensional animation. There is programs being created that help develop a 2 dimensional frame into a 3 dimensional image and so for in the other way.
Currently Motion Capture is used in films like “Avatar” where by the actors wear rigs that  captures facial expressions of the actor and change them into digital images, by doing so, they are able to cross the “Uncanny Valley” which is what helps us differentiate a fake creature from a real life creature that is capable of emotion. 
3 Plenary session byProf Ma Jan
Nano tech is something that is developing and will be used in our daily life in the future.
Carbon Nano tubing is a material that is stronger then steel and lighter than it, it will be used to create many items from armor for the soldier to the column to support buildings. It is a cost effective item that is easy to produce and cheap at the same time.
Nano tech will create drones or probes that will be sent into our bodies and possibly help eliminate cancer cells and maintain the health standards of our body. These drones will be able to identify illnesses and eliminate them before they become serious. All these are currently under development and is still in the planning stage.
Nano tech is currently able to reflect radar rays and is used in stealth bombers by reflecting these rays and rendering the target “stealth.” If this technology can reflect radar rays, but instead reflect light rays, it would be able to make the target invisible.
New Questions
New questions I have about the topic are is Nano tech something that will be happening soon or is it something that we can see in the future and is animation blurring the line between what’s real and what’s fake and is it going to affect what we do in real life and how we feel about certain topics that are shown in animations.

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